Founded on Yule 2016, Gravesham Pagans is a friendly, eclectic and inclusive moot that meets once a month at the Prince of Orange pub in Gravesend.

The keyword of our moot is community. We are committed to supporting the community – both the local Pagan community, and the wider community of Gravesend and its surroundings. We have always aimed to be a moot that anyone who is interested in Paganism, no matter what their personal beliefs and walk of life, can feel equally welcome. We work together to build a supportive moot that serves the needs of all individuals in the Pagan community.

We also regularly donate to the local foodbank. When we hold a ritual, members can make an optional donation of items for the foodbank as an offering to the deities. After the items have been offered and blessed, they are then taken to the foodbank. We think this not only helps the community, but also minimises the waste resulting from unconsumed offerings!

Our meetings

We usually meet on the first Wednesday each month at 7:30pm. For the most up-to-date information about our moots, and to meet our members, please join our Facebook group.

We usually hold a ritual for each of the eight sabbats in the Wheel of the Year. They are led by members who choose to do so at each AGM. There’s no fixed format to our rituals – each member plans their ritual according to their own individual beliefs and styles!

When we do not hold rituals, we may host special guest speakers, have meals, or have other events. The most important thing is for members to make friends and enjoy socialising!

Please donate £1.00 for attending. This goes towards our room booking fee.

Our executive committee

Members of Gravesham Pagans can run to be on our committee at our AGM. Our current executive committee are:

Co-founders: Rachel, Megan
Executive Administrator: Ellie
Safeguarding & Welfare Officer: Denise

Our logo


Our logo is a variation on the pentacle, regarded as a sacred symbol by Pagans from a wide variety of paths. The blue is a colour of Gravesham, symbolising the River Thames (as does the water). The Sun represents the fact that Gravesend is often the hottest place in the UK. And the orange represents that we meet in the Prince of Orange pub!